It’s that time of the year when everyone starts applying to schools abroad to further their studies either as an undergraduate student, at a Masters level or even a Ph.D. At this time, everyone is dotting the I’s and crossing the t’s in their personal statement, preparing for English Test or anticipating a positive response from their dream schools.

Before you get carried away by the thought of studying abroad alone, here are some tips I found helpful.


I can’t seem to stress this enough. Most persons are taken aback when they eventually arrive at their dream schools and start lectures. This is because when applying, they didn’t take time to know exactly what the course entails, what prerequisite knowledge or skill they needed. For some, they only applied because the courses sounded interesting & they seem to meet the eligibility requirements so why not?


Take time to check each module you would be offering. After checking for the prerequisite knowledge and skills needed, don’t just stop there. Start preparing.

Peradventure you do not yet have the skills required, (especially tech and programming related) this is the time to start learning them. How you may ask? Well, there are dozens of massive online open learning platforms that can help you and most of them are absolutely free. Coursera, Udemy, khan Academy (for the mathematics and computer science-related skills), Data Camp, etc.


This should be number 1 but let’s leave it here. Most times, even though we know that we can have access to free training and platforms to get these skills we need, we let laziness and procrastination have their toll on us. We keep making excuses like NEPA have cut light in my area (There is no power supply where I live), MTN data don’t last, GLO network is not good in my area (getting access to the internet is expensive), I don’t have time, I don’t have money to buy data, I don’t have a laptop, xyzeygjk. While these might be valid reasons, the sacrifices you’d make to prepare would be nothing compared to the state of confusion you’d be in if you let laziness and procrastination prevent you from learning before you arrive in the abroad.

You can find ways around these things. What I usually did was subscribe for night data plans, (which are usually cheaper and faster) spend the night studying since you’d most likely have full concentration at that time. If you don’t have a laptop, you could use your phone as well. Most master’s program is usually very short and tedious. In the UK for example, a Master’s program could be from 9 months to 14 months. And this time is usually not as long as we think. If you don’t do your homework studying and preparing, you’d find yourself struggling to understand what is happening for the first 3 months. You’d start doubting your abilities, you’d start thinking if truly you are this dull or you found yourself in the wrong course, thoughts of dropping out would flood your mind many times, trust me 😂😂😂😂. At the end of the 3 months, you would finally begin to understand what was taught in the first week of the lectures, however, you’d still have 3 months worth of lectures to catch up with, you’d be ashamed of yourself and wonder why you didn’t know something that simple. The good news is, you could save yourself the stress, anxiety, and confusion if you start preparing NOW. I hope these tips help.