Screw Your Life


“Many People Die at 25 and Aren’t Buried until they are 75.”


1) Always wait for the “perfect moments” to do the things you want.

2) Always think that you are the victim and keep complaining.

3) Regret all the time and feel bad about yourself.

4) “Fall in love” and get married to someone you do not even like.

5) Stay around with friends who do not hold you dear.

6) Go to university on a program that is in “high demand”, completely avoiding the things you really want to do.

7) Consume alcohol every day to help you endure your corporate job.

8) Retire after 30-40 years of boring work. Use your retirement fund to maintain your alcohol habit.

9) Get poor, move into a retirement home or a homeless shelter, and die there.


This may not sound very dramatic, mainly because it is the “default path” for many people, but for sure this is the most effective way to fuck up your life.

In other words, this is the most effective way to “Die at 25, waiting till 75 to get buried.”