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This European University offers Bitcoin Scholarships

Varna University of Management is also going to accept payments in Bitcoin as soon as all technical and legal issues have been resolved. The trend is clearly visible in Europe, where Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Switzerland, announced they would accept Bitcoin as a means of payment as early as 2013, and ESMT Berlin, Germany, did it in December 2016.

It isn’t only about using Bitcoin as money though. VUM is also going to incorporate blockchain technology into their teaching programs, such as BSc in Software Engineering. Having first-hand experience with cutting-edge technologies is essential for soon-to-be young professionals on the labor market, and VUM as a future-oriented university as going to do their best to give them practice in this novel area. US universities launched blockchain and cryptocurrencies courses several years ago, some in 2014, so European universities now have to catch up. Bulgaria has a potential to be on the leading edge, on a par with Germany, the UK, Switzerland or Cyprus, at the same time having a comparative advantage of a lower cost of living. Most current courses are aimed at 4th-year Bachelor’s or 1st-year Master’s students, while some introductory ones are available for the general public in the form of MOOC online for free. The demand for graduates with expertise in blockchain is expected to grow, the interest for fast and cheap payment methods is here to stay.


Press release by Varna University of Management can be found here. University encourages prospective students to visit their scholarship page at contact the university at [email protected]


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