Rushan Ziatdinov and Carol Griffiths

“If not you, who? If not now, when?”

1-) University Etiquette At University Campus

•Go to class and get there on time.
•Be prepared for class and be an active participant.
•Don’t talk to your friends in class and turn off the gadgets (cell phone, smartphone, tablet etc.).
•Be a good listener.
•If necessary, bring your laptop on every lesson.
•Show everyday progress in your studies.
•Try to understand every topic as much as you can.
•Try to do research in areas connected with your major.
•Work in groups.
•Do not complain about your professor. It is easier and more humane to solve all problems face-to-face.
•Respect your university and try to make it stronger by giving meaningful suggestions.


2-) University Etiquette At Home

•Do your homework on time.
•Do everything precisely and in details.
•Work hard.
•Write correct and polite business letters to all of your professors without any exemption. You may also refer to the book “How to Say It ” which provides clear and practical guidance for what to say and what not to say in any situation.
•Do not plagiarize!


3-) University Etiquette After Examination

•Don’t talk about or complain about grades, just accept them as they are. Your professor knows much more than you and interested in a fair evaluation.
•Don’t go to a professor’s office to lobby for a better grade. The university is not a bazaar where one is welcome to bargain.
•Do not think about your GPA, think about the knowledge you got and how it can be useful for your future.